Ramos Announces Assembly Committee Appointments

Will use positions to fight for quality education, affordable housing
January 21, 2005

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (DĖCentral Islip) announced today his appointment to five Assembly committees: Education; Housing; Local Governments; Aging; and Economic Development, Job Creation, Commerce and Industry.

"Iíve worked hard to secure these key positions in the Assembly," Ramos said. "These important posts will give me the opportunity to do more for the people who elected me, and to fight for the things that matter most to working families across the state."

With education and affordable housing being the top concerns of his district, Ramos looks forward to continuing his work, especially as a member of the Education and housing committee.

"A seat on the Education committee puts me in an excellent position to help create better educational opportunities for the children of Suffolk County," Ramos said. "Iíll continue to fight against the governorís education cuts, and make sure our community gets its fair share of state aid, as well as help alleviate overcrowded classrooms."

Ramos will also continue fighting for the housing issues important to his constituents in Suffolk County. Last year, Ramos secured $40,000 in funding for the Long Island Housing Partnership (LIHP), helping to revitalize the Sunnybrook neighborhood of Bay Shore. The Assembly also passed Ramosí legislation giving courts the power to issue a summons against absentee landlords.

"This committee assignment gives me a central role in reducing the problem of overcrowded dwellings in our community and helping families find adequate, affordable housing," Ramos said, adding "I am determined to work to improve the quality of housing available to our community."