Ramos: NRA President Helps Make the Case Against State Senate Majority

February 8, 2006

As a police officer for over 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand the destruction and harm caused by gun violence. Our communities continue to cope with this violence and flow of illegal guns on our streets. There is a solution to deal with this problem, but unfortunately the State Senate Majority are blocking our efforts.

There shouldn’t be any doubt why the State Senate Majority are reluctant to pass common-sense gun legislation – they continue to be in the pocket of the radical gun lobby. Recent comments by the head of the National Rifle Association show the Senate Majority is towing their agenda.

A February 7 article in Newsday quoted NRA President Tom King saying: “To call the New York state Senate (Majority) anti-gun is ludicrous; they are the only ones who have been preserving the 2nd Amendment in New York State.”

Even without King’s comments, all you have to do is follow the trail of campaign contributions – at least $55,000 – that the NRA has made to the State Senate Majority. Whatever the NRA wants – the NRA gets from the Senate Majority.

The Senate refuses to vote on other common-sense measures, like preventing convicted felons from purchasing deadly firearms and legislation I sponsored that would help protect children from accidental shootings. The Assembly also passed legislation to ban “cop-killer” bullets or armor-piercing ammunition that can shoot through a bullet-proof vest.

It’s time for the State Senate Majority to stand up for the citizens of this state – not the NRA – and support tougher gun laws that will protect police officers and the public.