Senator Gillibrand and Assemblyman Ramos Ask FBI to Investigate Recent Gang Violence

March 3, 2010

U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D – New York) and Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D – Central Islip) have written a letter to FBI Director Robert S Mueller, III asking his agency to investigate gang activity and organized crime in the Brentwood and Central Islip communities.

Since the beginning of last year, there have been six fatal attacks in Brentwood and at least six in Central Islip. Local police have attributed many of the crimes to gang violence, including the MS 13 gang.

“I am glad to join with Senator Gillibrand in calling on the FBI to intervene immediately to investigate the recent surge in gang activity,” said Assemblyman Ramos. “As a veteran Suffolk police officer, and as a father, I know the importance of providing residents with a sense of security in their own neighborhood. I promise to work with local and federal officials to stop the threat of gangs in our community.”

Additionally, Ramos and Gillibrand are glad to see Police Commissioner Dormer’s 10-point plan to address the recent surge in crime in Brentwood. The plan will ensure the safety of Brentwood residents by adding more nighttime patrols, Gun and Gang Unit patrols, and bringing in a mobile police van staffed by an officer at various locations throughout the community to provide information and offer additional police presence.

“While this is a step in the right direction, I am disappointed that it took the loss of six lives for the Commissioner to realize that this was a necessary measure. I am glad to finally see a boost in police presence,” said Assemblyman Ramos. “The initiatives outlined in the 10-point plan will encourage positive relationships between the community and the police. And I am hoping similar police efforts are implemented in Central Islip.