Ramos Passes Measures to Protect Kids from Sex Offenders

Assembly passes Child Protection package that will require greater disclosure of information on sex offenders
June 9, 2010

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D-Central Islip) announced that the Assembly passed legislation he sponsored to protect children by toughening the state’s child sex abuse law and requiring greater disclosure of information on sex offenders.

Ramos sponsored a measure that requires that if a sex offender fails to register themselves, the length of time failed to do so is added to the duration of their registration (A.2132), as well as legislation that requires the Division of Criminal Justice (DCJS) to notify law enforcement officials if an offender listed on the statewide sex offender registry does not promptly verify his or her address (A.841).

“This legislation will help protect Suffolk families and children from dangerous sexual predators,” said Assemblyman Ramos. “The measures will bring peace of mind to every parent in every community in Suffolk and across New York State.”

Assemblyman Ramos also supported legislation that would require the DCJS to post on the state sex offender registry whether an offender is on parole or probation, the length of time of their supervision (A.10777), and whether a sex offender is in violation of registration requirements (A.2108). He also voted to require the DCJS to make information regarding level 2 and 3 offenders available to municipal housing authorities (A.3024) and to require all level 2 sex offenders in New York State to register the address of their employment, including any volunteer employment (A.10276). Finally, Ramos supported a measure that prevents a sex offender from going to the school their victim attends or formerly attended (A.2257).

“We should never stop trying to improve the current system,” said Ramos. “Sex offenses are among the most deeply disturbing in our society and families deserve every effort we can provide to help keep them safe.”