Ramos Bill Establishes Gang Courts in Suffolk County

June 17, 2010

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Central Islip) announced the introduction of a new bill he’s sponsoring that would establish gang courts in Suffolk County (A.11475). These gang courts would help alleviate the court system of its case load by taking and trying gang cases separately, making resolutions of these cases quicker and more efficient.

“Troubled and disaffected youths are prime targets for these ruthless criminal organizations, and existing practice doesn’t adequately address the lawlessness these gangs cause in many areas across the state,” Ramos said. “Gang courts will bring swift relief to our communities and deter young offenders from wasting their lives ensnared in the criminal justice system.”

The pilot program proposed in Ramos’ legislation would allow Suffolk County courts to use their resources and powers to address this grave social menace, much the same way drug courts have been implemented and successfully used in Suffolk County.

“For too long, gangs have been a part of our communities, and this new program will help to discourage participation,” Ramos said. “It’s time we addressed these issues head-on and let these gangs know that criminal behavior of any kind will not be tolerated.”