Ramos’ anti-gang legislation passes Assembly

Program aims to shut down gangs, prevent new ones from forming
June 24, 2010

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D-Central Islip) announced passage of a bill he authored that will create a gang assessment, intervention, prevention and suppression program in New York to help curb the growing prevalence of gang violence across the state and in Suffolk county (A.11087).

“This measure will establish a centralized place for all information and intelligence related to gang activity,” said Ramos. “Having law enforcement officials work together with shared information will help crackdown on gangs and gang activities.”

The gang assessment, intervention, prevention and suppression program will:

  • Allow the New York State Police Superintendent to work with local and federal law enforcement to develop a plan to suppress gang activity and create a centralized place where information relating to gangs operating in the state will be kept; and
  • Authorize the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Commissioner to award grants to district attorneys to help stop gang activity.

The passage of this bill continues Ramos’ efforts to stamp out gang activity in the community. Ramos has worked with the FBI to take an active role in fighting gang violence in Brentwood, attended community forums to hear from residents, and organized a citizens’ advisory board to make recommendations about what can be done to address gang violence.

“It’s important for us to unite – we need the whole community to get involved so we can put an end to gang activity and vandalism,” Ramos said. “I will continue to support legislation that gives law enforcement the tools they need to help keep our neighborhoods safe.”

Kathleen Rice, Nassau County District Attorney said: "I applaud Assemblyman Ramos' work on this legislation and his tireless leadership in the fight to rid our communities of gangs. This bill will give local prosecutors and state law enforcement authorities a valuable tool to investigate, prosecute and prevent gang activity that very often extends beyond individual county borders. We need a statewide solution to preventing gang activity and it's my hope that the state senate will see the wisdom in Assemblyman Ramos' proposal and allow this idea to become law."