Assemblyman Ramos: Legislature Passes Bill to Aid Central Islip UFSD

June 21, 2011

Assemblyman Phil Ramos (D – Central Islip) announced the Assembly and Senate passed legislation he authored that would alleviate some of the financial burdens facing the Central Islip Union Free School District by directing the state Department of Education to reimburse the school district for costs incurred as a result of previous capital construction projects (A.7592-A).

“This bill would ensure that the state makes good on its commitment to our taxpayers,” Ramos said. “It is my hope that Governor Cuomo sees the importance of this legislation to the people of Central Islip and signs the bill.”

“The Central Islip School District is grateful for Senator Zeldin’s and Assemblyman Ramos’ initiatives to secure construction aid that stems from building projects approved in June 2000,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Craig G. Carr. “Our elected representatives’ hard work contributes greatly to the district’s aggressive agenda to secure the aid that is due and promised.”

In 2000, the Central Islip UFSD undertook several capital improvement projects with the help of the state Department of Education in an effort to expand classrooms and make additions and alterations to school buildings. In June 2006, the school district was to submit the final building cost reports for the projects. Due to office transitions during this time the reports were not filed. When this oversight was discovered and the reports were filed, the state Education Department denied the reimbursement for costs and demanded that the school district repay any money already received for the projects.

Ramos’ legislation directs the state Education Department to consider the filed reports as on-time. In effect, this bill would allow the Central Islip UFSD to be reimbursed for costs associated with the capital improvement projects.