Ramos Sponsors Common-Sense Gun Law to Help Police Dispose of More Nuisance Firearms

April 18, 2003

Assemblyman Philip Ramos (D-Brentwood) is sponsoring a measure that will allow police to destroy surrendered or unclaimed rifles and shotguns – permanently removing any chance that these weapons could end up in the wrong hands (A.8024).

While police agencies are currently allowed to destroy pistols and revolvers, Ramos noted that rifles and shotguns are exempted from the law.

“My legislation closes that loophole and treats all weapons – handguns, rifles and shotguns – equally. It’s a common sense measure that further protects the public from the scourge of gun violence by destroying these potentially deadly weapons,” Ramos said.

“As a retired police detective, I’ve witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by firearms and other weapons. My measure will allow police departments to destroy ‘nuisance’ weapons –either those voluntarily surrendered or turned in and left unclaimed for a full year,” Ramos said.

Ramos noted he supports measures that increase public safety by banning the sale of military-style assault weapons, cracking down on illegal gun traffickers, requiring child locks on guns, and reporting lost or stolen guns to the police.

“I am committed to keeping our families safe – keeping guns away from children and out of circulation is an important step toward that goal,” Ramos said.