VISTA Release Increases the Need for E-Waste Recycling

February 1, 2007

Assemblyman William Colton has recently introduced legislation that requires producers of electronic equipment to be held responsible for the recycling of their products. The development of technologically advanced programs such as the new VISTA software may increase the likelihood of computer disposal which strengthens the need for Assemblyman Colton’s legislation.

Assembly Bill A.2648 asks for the recycling of electronic equipment and the regulation of electronic equipment sales, holding the producers accountable for the end life of their products on a return share basis. A.2648 passed the Environmental Conservation Committee last year and Assemblyman Colton hopes to see it move even further this year.

Assembly Bill 3317 calls for the commissioner of environmental conservation to promulgate rules and regulations providing for the recycling, reuse and remanufacturing of electronic equipment. A3317 passed the Assembly last year yet was not voted on in the Senate.

The creation of VISTA and programs may increase the disposal of computers since many individuals may purchase more efficient models or their computers may not be compatible. In these cases, the community’s need for producer responsibility in the case of recycling e-waste is clear. “Hard working tax paying families should not have to bear the cost of disposing of obsolete electronic equipment,” Assemblyman Colton said.

An increasing percent of the budget of municipalities are going to the cost of disposing of garbage instead of the numerous important issues facing us today such as safety and health care. Assemblyman Colton’s legislation will hopefully continue its move through the legislature and communities will eventually reap the benefits.