Assemblyman Colton Calls for Neighborhood Input

March 8, 2007

"It is very hard to comprehend how the Department of Education can hold a community town-hall meeting without adequately notifying the community. The goal of improving education in Lafayette High School requires the DOE to build a strong partnership with the adjacent community. If last night’s poorly publicized meeting becomes the norm, then the DOE will squander a golden opportunity in which they can receive helpful and vital input from Lafayette’s neighboring community in how best to turn the school around. " said Assemblyman Colton.

"After working for so many years with residents of our community to improve the conditions inside and outside Lafayette High School, I am wholeheartedly offering my fullest support and assistance to the Department of Education in helping them reach the goal of restoring excellence inside the Lafayette High School building. The DOE’s plan to reorganize Lafayette into three small schools, which I called for just a few years ago, can only succeed with the fullest involvement and input from the adjacent community" said Assemblyman Colton.

"A safe and rejuvenated Lafayette High School will not only benefit the students, faculty, and neighbors of Lafayette, but will also help to alleviate the severe overcrowded conditions that currently exist in other neighborhood high schools." said Assemblyman Colton.