Assemblyman Colton Supports and Lauds Bill

Allocates 25% for Smaller Class Sizes
March 14, 2007

Assemblyman Colton spoke at a press conference on February 27.Left of Assemblyman Bill Colton at the podium is Assemblyman Lancman and to the right is Councilman Robert Jackson, Assemblyman Maisel and Assemblywoman Ellen Young.

Assemblyman William Colton (47 AD) is a Prime co-sponsor of new legislation, the Class Size Reduction Bill, introduced by Manhattan’s Assemblyman Rory Lancman (25 AD). The Class-Size reduction Act requires New York City to spend at least 25% of the additional education aid allocated to the city on lowering class size.

Assemblyman Colton, a former New York City school teacher, fully realizes how badly this legislation is needed to fill the gap between the overwhelming disparities of class sizes in New York City as compared to class sizes in the rest of the state. “Limiting class size in our Public Schools must be a priority,” said the Bensonhurst/Gravesend legislator, who is one of the most vocal proponents for the education of New York City kids.

Assemblyman Colton spoke at a press conference on February 27, attended by UFT President Randi Weingarten, in which the United Federation of Teachers, as well as the NYC NAACP, the Hispanic Federation and the school advocacy group Class Size Matters, and a host of other community advocates and educational practitioners, all championed the badly needed legislation.

“As a former member of the UFT and school teacher, I know how important it is to have smaller, more manageable class-sizes,” Assemblyman Colton said. “Ask any teacher what they need to better educate their students and they’ll all give you the same no-brainer answer… smaller class sizes!

“The Class Size Reduction bill would ensure that additional state aid coming to the city to comply with the Campaign For Fiscal Equity ruling I spent in the most effective way-requiring the average class size in every K012 Grade in New York City be no more than 105% of the average class size for that grade outside the city within 4 years,” Assemblyman Colton said.

Assemblyman Colton stated, “We just can’t keep increasing the accountability and raising standards for principals, teachers and our children without providing them with all the tools they need to succeed! It’s no joke to try to teach 30-40 students in a class and expect them to learn. It’s a Herculean task and unfair to the teachers, not to mention their students.” He added, “When there are too many children in a classroom, no matter how experienced and dedicated the teacher, it is inevitable that some children will slip between the cracks…this is something that we can prevent with this legislation, all the research proves it!”