Colton Leads Rally to Restore B64 Service Cut

June 12, 2012

The fight to restore vital bus service in Southwest Brooklyn has gained significant momentum as the Transport Workers Union Local 100 has signed on to support Assemblyman William Colton’s effort to return B64 bus service to Southwest Brooklyn residents. Colton, members of the TWU, representatives of numerous Southern Brooklyn organizations, and many local residents plan to stand in solidarity at a:

RALLY Date: Saturday, June 16, 2012
Time: 11:00 A.M.
Place: Ulmer Park Bus Depot
Corner of 25th Avenue and Harway Avenue

“I will not allow the MTA to get away with their assault on working people, seniors, disabled persons, and children from across Southwest Brooklyn,” declared Assemblyman Colton. “By eliminating B64 service from Harway Avenue to Coney Island, the MTA has literally stranded and crippled families, the local economy, and the outlook of a newly devised Coney Island amusement district. Additionally, the MTA made an equally shortsighted decision to cut in half the service the B82 provides from 25th Avenue to Coney Island. The same affected populations and economic engines that are being hurt by the B64 cuts are feeling double the pain by these crippling and ill-advised service cuts, Colton added.”

Cuts to the B64 service route along Harway Avenue to Coney Island were made in 2010 as part of an MTA plan to reduce costs. However, the Assemblyman points out that this service cut is nothing short of penny wise and pound-foolish. “This is a classic example of government incompetence,” Colton charges. “On one hand the City of New York invests millions of dollars to revamp Coney Island’s amusement district to attract millions of tourists and on the other hand, our transportation agency decides to reduce service in the area. It does not add up and this is why people rightfully lose faith in government,” Colton adds.

From collecting thousands of petition signatures, to requesting the federal Justice Department’s intervention on behalf of people with disabilities, Colton has not relented in his fight to restore B64 and B82 service to Southwest Brooklyn residents.

Community groups expected to be in attendance at Saturday's rally include; Most Precious Blood Roman Catholic Church, Bensonhurst West End Community Council, Harway Terrace Apartments Board of Directors, Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church, Castellammare del Golfo, Aidone Social Cultural Association, ASU of New York, Friends of the Boardwalk, Community Education Council - District 21, NIA Community Services Network and the United Chinese Association of Brooklyn.