Assemblyman William Colton Celebrates B64 Restoration as a Community Victory

July 19, 2012

Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Assemblyman William Colton (D WFP 47 AD), celebrating the successful campaign of thousands of signatures, dozens of letters from community groups and a partnership formed with community people, and community organizations, including the TWU, announced today that his "New Beginning" coalition model was successful in restoring B64 bus service to his district. Colton presented the petition signatures as well as letters from community organizations at the June 27 the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board Meeting, urging the MTA Board to restore cuts to bus service in his Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Gravesend community, as well as in other communities.

Colton said, "This coalition of community people, seniors, people with disabilities, parents and their children, small businesses and union families fought to ensure that the MTA allocated the money and resources needed to restore these devastating cuts." He added that, “The MTA, local citizens, and the unions could work together to ensure proper funding for needed public transit services in the future."