Assembly Passes Legislation to Increase Access to Contraception

Speaker Carl Heastie and Assemblymember Amy Paulin today announced the Assembly has passed legislation that would increase access to self-administered hormonal contraceptives by allowing New York State pharmacists to execute a non-patient specific order from a licensed physician, certified nurse practitioner, or the commissioner of health for the dispensing of self-administered hormonal contraceptives (A.1060-A, Paulin).

“As access to reproductive choice continues to be limited around the country by anti-choice extremists, here in New York we will continue to fight to protect and expand the right to reproductive health care and reproductive choice,” said Speaker Heastie. “This legislation ensures that women have more options and greater access to contraception.”

“New York will always fight for women’s access to reproductive health care and the resources they need to make their own choices about family planning,” said Health Committee Chair Amy Paulin. “This legislation will help reduce contraceptive deserts that exist in parts of the state by ensuring that there are many safe and easy ways to access the contraceptives people need.”

Under the bill, the pharmacist must at least annually provide the patient with a self-screening risk assessment questionnaire developed by the commissioner of health in consultation with the commissioner of education prior to dispensing. The pharmacist would also be required to provide the patient with a fact sheet developed by the commissioner of health with information such as clinical considerations and recommendations for contraceptive use, information on the importance of follow-up health care and health care referral information.

Today’s legislation includes self-administered, Food and Drug Administration-approved oral hormonal contraceptives, hormonal contraceptive vaginal rings and hormonal contraceptive patches.