Titone: State Grant Money Will Help Build New Library on Staten Island

March 4, 2009

Assemblyman Matthew J. Titone (D-North Shore) announced that $750,000 has been awarded for the construction of the Mariners Harbor Library on Staten Island. The new 10,000-square-foot library will be located at 206 South Ave.

“Libraries provide a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources for the members of our community,” said Titone. “Times are tough – many hardworking families are finding that the library is a great, inexpensive place for entertainment. It’s a wonderful resource for children and adults.”

The highly competitive state-wide grant funds are from $14 million in capital funds for public library construction provided in the 2008-2009 state budget. Many of New York’s local public libraries are small, outdated and unable to accommodate users with disabilities. This funding will allow libraries throughout the state to be updated and become more user-friendly.

This money is in addition to funding which has already been secured for the new library. Previously announced funding for the project includes $4 million for construction secured by Congressman McMahon when he was a city councilman, $4.5 million for construction from Mayor Bloomberg and $1 million from Borough President Molinaro to outfit the library with books and new technology.

“Construction of a new 10,000-square-foot library in Mariners Harbor will greatly enrich our community and facilitate access to knowledge and information,” said state Senator Diane Savino. “Reading allows us to travel throughout time and space in our imagination. And if we encourage our children to continue reading, they can eventually go wherever their dreams lead them, not just in their minds, but in real life.”

Titone said many residents have fought for years to have a library built in the Mariners Harbor community. Long-time Mariners Harbor community activist and Staten Island Advance Woman of Achievement Belinda Dixon said, “ Hallelujah, it’s about time. I thought I would never see this library built in my lifetime.”

“It is so important to support our library system because it’s such a positive fixture in our community,” Titone said.