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‘Raise The Age’ is Putting Lives at Risk

New York’s effort to relieve burdens on the criminal justice system by “raising the age” of criminal responsibility is a flawed and failing policy. Young offenders committing violent crimes face little to no repercussions and are emboldened by a...

Leader Barclay to Host Annual Local Landscapes & Landmarks Visual Art Exhibit

Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay today announced he will host the fifth annual Local Landscapes and Landmarks visual art exhibit, where artists from the 120th Assembly District share their talent for capturing Central New York’s natural beauty...

Helping Families Afford Child Care is Critical When Building Strong Communities

Spikes in child care costs, like those impacting just about every other good and service in New York, have created economic hardship for families all over the state. These challenges have forced many families to pass up earnings opportunities in order...

It's time for you to enjoy your retirement - You've earned it

Summer Reading Challenge Fosters Student Growth, Exploration & Relaxation

As the school year comes to a close and students start their summer break, I am excited to once again host the annual New York State Assembly Summer Reading Challenge for children of the 120th Assembly District. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage...

Summer Fun Awaits in Central New York

With the official start of summer, Central New York offers an exciting variety of family-friendly events for residents and visitors to enjoy. These activities provide the perfect opportunity to appreciate the warm weather while spending quality time together....
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