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Gallahan Supports New York Legislators’ Call to Bring Hamas’ Hostages Back Home

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“It is despicable to see the terrorist group Hamas continue to hold these 134 hostages—two of which are New York citizens—prisoner in Gaza. These individuals and their families deserve peace and justice, and I am proud to stand alongside my colleagues...

Gallahan: Squatters Are Cheating and Abusing Our Legal System to Mooch off Innocent New Yorkers Like Nadia Vitels

“My thoughts go out to the family of Nadia Vitels, a woman who apparently was viciously attacked by two squatters who had been occupying her late mother’s New York City apartment. Nadia’s death needs to be a turning point in how we address squatting-related...

Gallahan: Covid-19 Crisis Wreaked Havoc on New York State—it is Our Duty to Understand Why

“An independent review of our state’s response to the COVID-19 crisis is long overdue. Many families who lost loved ones to COVID-19 are still grieving and deserve answers. My thoughts go out to everyone who lost a family member or friend during the...

Gallahan: Accessible and Affordable Child Care For New York Families is Essential

“I am proud to support my colleagues in the Assembly Minority Conference to enhance child care access and affordability for parents and children throughout our state. Child care is essential to ensure youth statewide receive proper early education,...

Gallahan: Solution to Migrant Crisis is Crystal Clear

“In order to properly protect New York families during this ongoing migrant crisis—families who did not ask for nearly 173,000 migrants to be welcomed into our state—we need to bridge the gap between state and federal agencies to not only strengthen...

Gallahan: New York Schools Continue to be Targeted by Electric School Bus Mandate

“The Electric School Bus Mandate is yet another one-size-fits-all approach our school districts do not need and did not ask for. If this mandate is fully implemented without providing our schools the full financial support to assist with such an abrupt...
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Assemblyman  Jeff Gallahan

Jeff Gallahan was elected to the New York State Assembly on November 3, 2020. His district is comprised of portions of Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Broome and Chenango counties.

Jeff believes that his real-world experience is beneficial to the people of his district and throughout New York. He is a believer in the “American Dream” and has raised his children to be hard-working while leading by example. As an Assemblyman, Jeff fights to hold the line on taxes, end dangerous bail reform measures and make New York a more affordable place to live, work and raise a family.Jeff is committed to standing up for middle-class values, small businesses and our important agricultural community.

Prior to being elected, Jeff was a journeyman machinist at the General Railway Signal Company, moved into Cutting Tool Sales with various manufacturers and moved up the ranks, eventually taking on a number of management roles. Jeff and his wife, Lynn, are proud small business owners and founded CR7 Food Trailer and Catering in 2017. The business serves Manchester and surrounding communities. Through this venture, they are able to give back to a variety of causes by donating their time and resources, including the Boy Scouts of America and the Shortsville American Legion. Prior to being elected to the Assembly, he served as the Manchester Town Supervisor for 11 years and 4 years preceding as Town Councilman.

Jeff is the founder of the Red Jacket High School trap shooting team where he teaches local youth about firearms safety. He also volunteers for the Sons of the American Legion, Clifton Springs Area YMCA and is a proud supporter of the Back the Blue movement and local sportsman clubs.

A lifelong resident of Ontario County, Jeff and his wife of 45 years Lynn, are the proud parents of two children who attended local schools and grew up in the community and proud grandparents of 3 grandsons.