Welcome Letter

Greetings to one and all!

Welcome to my official Assembly Web site. I will be using this resource to call attention to the good work that our friends and neighbors in my home community of Harlem, throughout Northern Manhattan, and in Albany are doing to help the constituents of the 71st Assembly District and the people of our great state.

I would like to thank Speaker Heastie for granting my request to serve on the Assembly’s Housing Committee. One of the most pressing concerns in our community is finding and maintaining high-quality affordable housing and serving on the Committee will give me a chance to address these issues. I will also use this platform to communicate directly with you about housing legislation that will be put forward in Albany, and how these bills affect you. In addition to Housing, I have also been assigned to serve on the Aging, Banks, Cities and Election Law Committees which will allow me to continually improve our community as a whole.

I would like to offer my gratitude to the community for granting me the opportunity to represent you in Albany. I am very excited by this challenge and look forward to meeting and working with you towards finding solutions together. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning!