Assemblywoman Woerner: Public Safety, Mental Health & Attainable Housing are Priorities That Must Be Addressed

“Prioritizing improvements to our public safety is paramount and I am pleased that the Governor identified this in her State of the State address. In the coming days & weeks, I will push for the removal of the "least restrictive non-monetary" language from the law and returning discretion to the judges. I’m hopeful that the Governor will be receptive to this, as well as other necessary changes.

“I’m encouraged by the Governor’s proposal on mental health, as there is a particular need in our region for residential treatment beds for both youths and adults, as well as supportive housing.

“The need for attainable housing, across all ages and stages of life, from small starter homes to senior housing communities is also needed to support economic development in Upstate New York.People want to come work and live in Saratoga, Warren and Washington counties, but they need a place to call home.I look forward to many productive and more specific conversations with Governor Hochul and others to achieve this goal.

“I am however, concerned about the speed which we are moving towards an all-electric economy before we make sure we have the necessary renewable energy generation and transmission capacity in our grid needed to power it. Necessary investments to support this increase are needed as well. I hope to work with the Governor to address this as we work towards a more sustainable future for our great state.”