Assemblywoman Woerner: Governor’s Budget Proposal Addresses Most Key Priorities, But Not All

“Today, Governor Hochul outlined her proposal for the FY 2023-2024 State Budget. I look forward to working with her and my colleagues in the Legislature in the coming days and weeks to make sure that this year’s budget has the maximum positive impact on Saratoga, Warren & Washington Counties.

“I am pleased to see that the Governor is looking to remove the “least restrictive means” language from our bail laws to provide clarity for judges in how to use their discretion with respect to defendants charged with violent felonies, as well as the increased funding for District Attorneys, the expansion of the State Police, and the establishment of new crime analysis centers across the state. Her pledge to invest in youth employment programs, as well as historic investments in our mental health services, such as supportive housing units and an inter-Agency task force to treat the whole individual, will also help target some of the root causes of crime. The Governor’s commitment to not raise income taxes, as well critical investments in our clean water & climate protection programs, as well as housing, particularly in home ownership, are also greatly encouraging.

“However, the Governor’s proposed increase in the Medicaid reimbursement rate for nursing homes is woefully insufficient. They need a minimum of a 20% increase, and a firm commitment to the rebasing of costs. The paltry 5% proposal from the Governor will not prevent our non-profit nursing homes from financial collapse. I am also disappointed in the Governor’s disregarding of the recommendations made by the Opioid Settlement Fund Advisory Board, with respect to the allocation of those funds. As negotiations begin on this budget, I will fight to make sure that these priorities are addressed and help pass a budget that works for all of our families and local communities in New York State.”