Assemblywoman Woerner: Prevention Council in Saratoga Springs Awarded $1.75 million

Funding will support a community and outreach center to help those in addiction recovery

“Heroin and opioid addiction have spread and wreaked havoc not only in our cities, but in suburban and rural communities as well. To help those who are struggling with addiction, as well as those on the road to recovery, the Prevention Council in Saratoga Springs has been awarded $1.75 million to support a community and outreach center. The funding, which I helped secure, will provide community-based services to aid individuals and their families in navigating the treatment system while offering access to critical recovery resources. This comes on the heels of new laws I helped pass to help ensure individuals have access to treatment after detox, patients and doctors are better educated about the risks and dangers of prescribed opioids, and social workers and certain other licensed professionals are allowed to administer Narcan — a lifesaving antidote to opioid overdose — in an emergency. By taking proactive steps to help those overcoming addiction, we can ensure they have the support they need during recovery.”