Santabarbara, Woerner’s Call for a Full Repeal of the Governor’s Emergency Powers

“We need more transparency and accountability from the governor – not less.”

The stunning admission coming from a high-ranking executive staffer that fear of the federal government’s response lead to the administration’s decision to cover up critical information about New York’s COVID deaths in New York nursing homes further shows the Governor’s mishandling of this crisis. This follows a damning AG report showed the scope of nursing home deaths was much greater than initially reported by the state Department of Health. Vulnerable populations, including nursing home and long-term care patients, were put at unnecessary risk because the governor was worried about saving face. This is outrageous and completely unacceptable.

These are our loved ones and their lives are at stake – we must demand more from government in these challenging times. We rely on transparency from public health agencies and elected officials, especially during a deadly pandemic. However, the Governor withheld information from the Legislature for months and when we tried to exert oversight powers, he simply ignored us. That’s not transparency, its secrecy.

We urge the Legislature to take the necessary action to remove the Governor’s emergency powers and restore the balance of power in our state government. Although these powers are set to expire on April 30th, t’s clear that needs to happen immediately.

It’s evident now more than ever that and investigation into New York’s nursing home deaths was necessary from the beginning We need more transparency and accountability from the governor – not less.