Harckham, Burdick Announce Paving of Route 35 between Route 22 in Katonah and Bouton Road in South Salem

The approximately $4,150,000 project is expected to begin in Spring 2024

Lewisboro, NY – New York State Senator Pete Harckham and Assemblymember Chris Burdick announced today that the NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) has slated Route 35 between Route 22 in Katonah (Town of Bedford) and Bouton Road in South Salem (Town of Lewisboro) for repaving, with the project expected to begin in Spring of 2024.

This construction expands an earlier-announced project to repave a smaller portion of Route 35 in Cross River and follows continuous discussions between the DOT and Senator Harckham, Assemblymember Burdick, County Legislator Erika Pierce, and Lewisboro Town Supervisor Tony Gonçalves regarding the deteriorating condition of Route 35. These discussions included an on-site visit in August 2022 between the elected officials and DOT Regional Director Lance MacMillan and members of his team. It also follows the advocacy of many residents, who called and emailed the DOT and their elected officials regarding the serious need for the road to be repaved.

The paving will be scheduled at night to avoid major disruption to the community. It is expected to be funded entirely from state funds and will go out for bid this winter. General drainage and signal improvements will also be made where practicable within the scope of the project.

Project details can be found on the DOT website by clicking here.

It is imperative that our residents and other motorists have roadways that are safe and drivable. The condition of Route 35 has been the source of many complaints, so the news that it is finally being reconditioned and paved is much appreciated. State roads like Route 35 connect us to other municipalities and serve an important economic purpose in regard to the transportation of goods and services. Assemblymember Burdick and I, in conjunction with our partners in local government, fought for this repaving project. We will continue to strongly advocate for roadway infrastructure improvements and will continue to work with the New York State Department of Transportation to make them happen in a timely manner,” said Senator Harckham.

“Since taking office in January 2021, repaving Route 35 has been one of my top repaving priorities for District 93. I am grateful to all my colleagues in government who joined me in advocating relentlessly for this project, as well as all the residents who contacted my office and the DOT regarding the serious need for repaving. I am also grateful to DOT Regional Director Lance MacMillan and his staff, who took the time to meet with us, stay in close communication, and ultimately agree that this stretch of Route 35 needs to be redone. As a new resident of the town of Lewisboro who finds himself on Route 35 regularly, I look forward to driving the newly repaved road,” said Assemblymember Burdick.

“Seeing the horrible condition of Route 35 improved was a priority for me when I first entered office last year. The issues I then documented, including road and shoulder disrepair and impacts to public safety, bicycle riders, ambulances and school buses, are worse today than when we first gathered that evidence. I am thrilled to see the repaving work moving forward, and the expansion of the area which will be addressed. Thank you to my New York State colleagues for making certain this critical project is moving forward,” said Legislator Pierce.

“Route 35 is a major East-West thoroughfare in the Town of Lewisboro. For years, our residents have seen this roadway deteriorate, and in some sections become very unsafe. I am grateful that NYS DOT staff, led by Regional Director Lance MacMillan, toured the area, listened to our concerns, and now will be paving a longer stretch of roadway than was originally planned. This newly-resurfaced Route 35 will offer a safe thoroughfare through Lewisboro, including for our Emergency Service Vehicles who had expressed great concern about the condition of the road,” said Lewisboro Town Supervisor Gonçalves.

“Route 35 is an important route for Bedford, especially for the safety of those from Katonah going to and from the John Jay campuses. Thank you to our representatives and the DOT for getting this done. We will continue to work together and to advocate for the repaving of additional state roads in Bedford that need the same attention,” said Bedford Town Supervisor Ellen Calves.

As the repaving of Route 35 will not begin until next year, residents are encouraged to keep their elected officials and the DOT apprised of any serious issues that arise on Route 35, and to call 1-800- POTHOLE for any potholes that crop up.