Tague Joins Assembly Minority In Seeking NYS Constitutional Amendment Prohibiting Non-Citizen Voting

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) today joined his Assembly Minority colleagues for a press conference in Albany calling on Majority members of the Legislature to take up an amendment to the state Constitution (A.9095), which would ensure the right to vote in New York is reserved only for American citizens.

This legislation was drafted in response to a law passed by the New York City Council, which allows non-citizens to vote in New York City elections. Following its passage, Tague and other members of the Assembly Minority Conference grew concerned that efforts could be undertaken by progressive lawmakers to enact a similar measure at the statewide level, jeopardizing the security and integrity of state elections.

“Progressive efforts to load their voter rolls with illegal immigrants as they continue to peddle their pro-criminal agenda are ridiculous,” said Tague. “Elections have consequences on the strength and nature of the legislation that shapes the world we live in, so I don’t think our state should feel any obligation to extend the ability to vote to individuals who’ve disregarded the law to be here.”