Tague Supports Effort to Challenge Unconstitutional Gun Law

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) is announcing his support of efforts led by the New York State Minority and New York State politicians to legally challenge an unconstitutional gun law passed last Friday by the state Legislature, after the groups announced their intention to file suit. Citing concerns about its enforceability and constitutionality, the law is also opposed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association, an organization representing all of the 58 sheriffs elected in New York state.

Among the law’s provisions is a new legal standard that dictates businesses are presumed to be places where concealed firearms are prohibited, unless a business owner puts up a sign explicitly allowing them. Also included is a requirement every person applying for a pistol permit be interviewed by a judge, a condition members of law enforcement in New York state have criticized as being intentionally onerous in order to make the process to obtain a permit unnecessarily slow.

“How this law was proposed and passed within less than 24 hours, and its disregard for the basic rights of New Yorkers, embodies everything wrong with our state government under one-party rule,” said Tague. “It would be unthinkable for us to treat any other constitutional right as our state does the right to bear arms.

“If a law were proposed forbidding prayer or free speech in a private business unless a sign was posted allowing exercise of those rights, it would be rightfully criticized across the political spectrum. This law is a blatant violation of the rights held by New Yorkers and all Americans, and I am confident it will not withstand legal scrutiny.”