Tague Calls for End of Bail Reform

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie) attended a press conference today alongside members from the Assembly and Senate Minority conferences to discuss the need for greater judicial discretion in relation to high crime rates as a result of the state’s bail reform laws. The legislators were joined by Tammy Patrick, daughter of John Lee, who was murdered by an individual who was released the next day following an assault charge, along with Jennifer Harrison, founder of Victims’ Rights NY.

“The tragedies like the one we heard today are completely unnecessary and avoidable. These radical Majority lawmakers are playing with the lives of New Yorkers everywhere with their support of pro-criminal policies such as cashless bail, the HALT Act and lack of judicial discretion. We need change now more than ever, and if the Majority cannot make the changes necessary, they do not deserve to be representatives of the state of New York. We need legislation in place that keeps New Yorkers safe and criminals behind bars,” Tague said.