Tague Advances Career & Technical Education Awareness

Assemblyman Spearheads Initiative to Proclaim February as CTE Month

WATCH THE VIDEO: Session 2-27-23 - Tague Resolution

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie) is continuing his efforts to support career and technical workforce development by spearheading an initiative at the state Capitol to proclaim February 2023 Career and Technical Education Month in the state of New York. Passed in the state Assembly, the measure will help Tague continue to raise awareness about professional-skills jobs and teaching specific career skills to students to prepare them for the workforce.

“The state Assembly is a cross-section of New York with members coming from all different kinds of professional backgrounds, including farming, trades, the military and more. It’s great to see my colleagues at the state Capitol understand the need to support career and technical-skills jobs,” said Tague. “As we prepare a final state budget, I hope the Majorities and Gov. Hochul will invest in programs like BOCES and workforce development. Kids today need every opportunity to be prepared for the real world after graduation. There are high-paying, rewarding careers here in New York but we must do everything we can to prepare students for the future and keep families together.”

Tague has long been an advocate of reimagining New York’s workforce development. He was a member of the Assembly Minority Conference’s Task Force on Learning for Work, which brought together students, educators, and employers from all across the state to specifically discuss ways to modernize BOCES and expand the reach of workforce development for more students. Some of the recommendations of the task force included measures to help more students participate in the program, such as funding for transportation or materials, and a focus on rebranding and expanding the success of the program.

The resolution drafted by Tague and passed by the Assembly today is part of his efforts to help with rebranding and awareness of the benefits of participating in the program. He hopes that by continuing to remind his colleagues in Albany of how critical the program has been and continues to be to students, families, and the economy, that increased funding and measures to expand the program will be included in this year’s budget.