Tague on SUNY Cobleskill as Potential Housing Site for Illegal Migrants

A Statement from Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C-Schoharie)

“The Biden administration has failed to deal with the immigration problems facing our nation to the point that dam has now broken. With the expiration of Title 42, the flood waters are now pouring all over our nation and the liberal politicians in so-called sanctuary cities have already thrown up their hands and admitted they are in over their heads. They cannot shift this problem onto the backs of the hard-working, law-abiding men and women of our state, and I absolutely will do everything I can to protect the citizens of the 102nd Assembly District from further victimization by these liberal policies that endanger them and force them to pay for lawbreakers. The citizens I represent work too hard and are doing everything they can to build the American Dream. We cannot let that be taken away. This problem should be stopped at the border by our nation’s leaders, not at SUNY Cobleskill or anywhere else in the 102nd Assembly District.”