Assembly Majority Politicians Disgrace Fallen Heroes

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie) is fighting for a bill in the Assembly that would provide tuition assistance for SUNY or CUNY students who are family members of a deceased service man or woman who died in the line of duty. The bill has received bipartisan support, but some Assembly Majority politicians used their position of power in committee to vote down the proposal.

“I am simply disgusted,” Tague said. “We have legislation here that would help provide college to the children of some of our fallen heroes, and Majority politicians move to block it? After they spent all their energy at the start of this session to provide free college to illegal aliens who break our laws, I can’t see how they can live with this vote. We owe it to the memory of our soldiers to help their families by providing a future for their grieving children. But the Majority politicians seriously consider illegal immigrants a greater concern than the survivors of our military fallen. The chair even called it an ‘entitlement’. What’s really an entitlement is a bunch of illegal immigrants costing New York millions of dollars in tax payer money for free college, when by their own estimates the cost for our military families would be a few hundred thousand. Folks you can’t make this up, it’s sickening.”