Tague: Assembly Majority Gives ‘Green Light’ To Give Illegals Drivers Licenses

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie) warns of a bill (A3675) that Assembly Majority politicians are pushing through the Transportation Committee today. This bill is the first step on the road to giving illegals driver’s licenses and granting them the privileges of law abiding citizens. Tague is concerned about breaking federal law along with the implications contained within granting an official government document to an undocumented immigrant.

61% of New Yorkers oppose giving illegals driver’s licenses, and Tague believes the Assembly Majority politicians are abdicating the duty of the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers.

“This bill is another example of the misguided priorities of the Assembly Majority,” Tague said. “We have under a month left of session and we have no action being taken to alleviate the pressures on overtaxed and burdened middle class. Listen, wherever you stand on giving illegal immigrants access to driver’s licenses, you’re giving them a legal government document, which is incredible to me. Beyond that, where I grew up you follow the law, we’re a nation of laws and if we don’t stand on that we have nothing.”