Assemblyman Tague Launches Survey Allowing New Yorkers to Choose Gov. Cuomo’s New License Plate Design

Voting begins today and runs through Friday, September 13

Editor’s Note: Link to survey to select Gov. Cuomo’s new custom license plates; custom license plate options attached.

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) today launched a survey to select Gov. Cuomo’s new custom license plate design. The voting, which opens today, runs through Friday, September 13, and will allow New Yorkers to choose the license plate that they believe most closely resembles Gov. Cuomo and his policies. The license plate with the most votes will become the official custom license plate that will be nominated for Gov. Cuomo to personally adopt.

“These license plates are symbols of who the governor truly is and New Yorkers should have a voice and a vote in its design,” said Tague. “As the governor looks to invent new ways to tax New Yorkers, he is developing new strategies that are an attempt to pull the wool over our eyes. New Yorkers stood strong when former Gov. Paterson tried to pull the same stunt ten years ago, and we’ll do the same thing against this tax-hungry administration.

“Gov. Cuomo’s insistence on new license plates is nothing more than an attempt for him to reach into our pockets for more of our hard-earned money. If Gov. Cuomo continues to be foolishly headstrong about this new tax proposal of his, he most certainly deserves to show off the winning custom license plate from this survey.

“Whether New Yorkers choose taxes, corruption, crushing our freedoms, favoring criminals and illegal immigrants, or chasing away thousands of good-paying jobs, I’m confident the final result will be fitting for the recommended new custom license plates for our governor. And as a token of good will, I will personally reach into my own pocket to pay the governor’s latest cash-grab so he can show off his winning custom license plate.”