Bleak Times and a Bleak Budget

A statement by Assemblyman Christopher Tague (R, C, I – Schoharie) on the 2020-21 Legislative Budget.

“This budget process, simply put, is a travesty to beleaguered New Yorkers everywhere. Instead of applying common sense, the governor and legislative leaders packed the budget with hidden agendas such as gun restrictions, 5 more years of funding for suspect economic development projects, and public financing of campaigns some estimates are reaching the cost of up to $100 million. This is simply outrageous. During the worst pandemic in living memory this is what the Majority politicians are focusing on? Where’s the real fix for bail reform? But now we’re regulating shark fishing, making a change to the state flag and legalizing e-scooters. However, you feel about any of these things, now is not the time. They talk a big game about helping the common people, but at the same time pass backroom deals that harm common New Yorkers. If this is how the one-party rule in Albany is going to handle a crisis, we’re all in deeper trouble than we realize.”