Keep Locals in Charge of Localities

Assemblyman Christopher Tague (R, C, I - Schoharie) is fighting back against a deep betrayal of New Yorkers trust in the 2020-21 State Budget. State Majority is removing home-rule and the ability for localities to be involved in decision making processes for development projects such as solar, wind, or other power plants. Tague is deeply concerned that by not consulting with locals on these projects, people’s livelihoods and way of life could be compromised.

“I can’t believe this is something we need to fight against at this point,” Tague said. “At a time when we should be all banding together to support each other, this is like a stab in the back to small towns and localities. If I showed up in your backyard and started building a power plant without talking to you, you’d be upset. It’s like telling your neighbor you’re going to cut down the oak tree that goes over their lawn, it’s done out of respect and an expectation to work together. The lack of locals having a say in pilot payments to schools and local governments is a dangerous precedent to set, they deserve a say. Keep locals involved in decisions that affect them, to do otherwise is un-American and outright dangerous.”