Tague Stands Up for All New Yorkers in Budget Process: “Do What’s Right!”

Assemblyman Christopher Tague (R,C, I-Schoharie) recently stood up to debate bad policy included in the 2020-21 New York State Budget. Tague was specifically concerned by the focus taken by the Assembly Majority during the worst public health crisis in modern memory. Notably, Tague fought the introduction of prevailing wage across New York state, to maintain home-rule and local input in projects that affect them, public finance of political campaigns and the process by which the budget was passed.

“It’s a matter of doing what’s best for the people of New York, both upstate and down,” Tague said. “We members of the Assembly are here to represent the interests of the people and that was sorely lacking in last night’s budget. I’m deeply disappointed in the Assembly Majority for their lack of regard for the health, safety and prosperity of the people of our state. We’re at the epicenter of the outbreak in the United States, but to them it was an opportunity to grab power and push their agenda. My constituents deserve better, the people of New York deserve better and our children deserve better.”