Tague Frustrated by Senate Majority's Rejection of Amendments to End Cuomo's Emergency Powers

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I,Ref-Schoharie) is appalled by the Senate Majority’s rejection of amendments that would end the governor’s emergency powers. Tague is calling for New York to return to its constitutional government operated by three co-equal branches of government as soon as possible and end the governor’s emergency powers.

“As New York City Majority politicians continue with politics as usual even as people suffer during this pandemic, they dismissed an opportunity to work in a bipartisan fashion and rejected amendments the Minority Conference presented that would put an end to the governor’s emergency powers and return government to a representative one in which the three co-equal branches share power” said Tague. “Instead of doing what’s right and allowing elected representatives to voice the concerns of those in their communities, the Majority politicians chose to stick with not just one-party rule, but one-man rule. The Majority clearly think New York should be run by a king, giving Cuomo the type of absolute power so many in our revolution died to reject. We need a return to constitutional governance and an end to this abuse of power, because this crisis is too big for one man to solve alone.”