Tague Joins Assembly and Senate Minority Members in Introducing Resolution to End 11 P.M. Bar and Restaurant Curfew

Today, Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) was joined by fellow Minority members from both the Senate and Assembly as they came together in calling for Gov. Cuomo’s 11p.m. curfew on bars and restaurants to be rescinded, introducing joint resolutions to do so in both houses of the Legislature.

 According to the New York State Restaurant Association, about 1 in 6 restaurants throughout the state have been forced to close because of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown orders. Despite the governor’s own data stating that only 1.43 percent of COVID-19 transmissions can be traced back to restaurants or bars, the executive order mandating the curfew has been in effect since November.

“If the governor truly believed in data or common sense, this mandate would have been done away with long ago, but he has allowed it to persist for months as we’ve watched countless beloved local establishments have no choice but to close their doors because of it,” said Tague. “If he was able to act on casinos and bowling alleys, he can do the same for bars and restaurants. As he tells people to ‘stay tuned’ for news regarding restaurants, people throughout the state are really hurting, and he needs to drop the showmanship and do what’s right for the people of this state as soon as possible. People are tired of ‘the Cuomo show,’ and just want to feed their families and have their lives back. The governor needs to do the right thing and do it with no further delay.”