Tague Applauds Zucker’s Decision to Resign, Hopes Successor Will Take Smarter Approach to Covid-19 Fight

Assemblyman Chris Tague (R,C,I-Schoharie) is expressing relief following the announcement that state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker has resigned. While the resignation will not take effect until Gov. Hochul appoints another individual to take his place, Tague is glad to see Zucker step down after criticizing his management of the COVID-19 pandemic and his heavy-handed implementation of administrative mandates for over a year.

Tague has been outspoken against Zucker’s actions, particularly in regard to his role in the potential cover-up of the true number of fatalities that occurred in nursing homes and care facilities during the peak of the pandemic.

“Howard Zucker should have been asked to resign on day one of the new administration, and while I’m glad to see him stepping down now, I remain concerned his replacement will favor the mandate-heavy approach taken by the previous administration that has continued under Hochul,” said Tague. “In fighting the spread of COVID-19, we must be sure our approach is nuanced and based on the circumstances each unique region in our state faces as a whole. Unnecessary one-size-fits-all mandates like the ones implemented by the previous administration do little to protect health, and take an enormous toll on families and small businesses. My hope is that his successor will be more calculated in managing the COVID-19 pandemic while respecting the realities faced by businesses and New York families, as well as their rights.”