Transcript: Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs Delivers Remarks on City Investments for Unsheltered New Yorkers

New York, NY – Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs delivered remarks at a City Hall press conference with Mayor Eric Adams, Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy City Council Speaker Diana Ayala, Councilmembers Julie Menin and Gale Brewer, Chief Housing Officer Jessica Katz, Commissioner Gary Jenkins, and advocate Shams DaBaron on April 24, 2022. Below is the transcript of his remarks:

It was the legendary Mahatma Gandhi who once said, “the true measures of any society could be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.” Often, I'm reminded of this quote when I encounter people experiencing homelessness in our city. We all have an obligation to care for, serve and to ultimately protect every New Yorker. People experiencing homelessness are certainly no exception.

I applaud this historic, and I'm going to say that word again, historic, investment and resources and services to help this vulnerable population. And I know politicians like to throw around the word “historic” often, but guys, we are talking about $171 million. When we are talking about $171 million that's going to help this vulnerable population, I cannot help but say the word historic, because this truly matters. This is the largest investment of this nature made by any city administration ever, and a critical step in our ongoing mission to turn New York around and make it the more equitable city that we all deserve.

So, Mr. Mayor, I want to thank you for this game-changer in addressing homelessness in our New York.

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