Transcript: Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs Joins Kevin Hart, NYC Parks Commissioner, and Others to Unveil New East Harlem Reading Center

East Harlem, NY – Assemblymember Eddie Gibbs joined comedian Kevin Hart, New York City Parks Commissioner Sue Donoghue, City Council Deputy Speaker Diana Ayala, State Senator Cordell Cleare, Assemblymember Al Taylor, The Children’s Place, and others to unveil a new reading center at Thomas Jefferson Recreation Center. Below is the transcript of his remarks:

“Good morning, all. I am honored to be here with the iconic Kevin Hart, The Children’s Place, Commissioner Donohue, and other partners. I can’t promise my remarks will be as funny as Mr. Hart’s, but I can promise that they will be from the heart, because this is a truly exciting announcement for me.

I was born and raised here in East Harlem, I raised my kids in East Harlem, and they are raising their kids in East Harlem. At the hands of a broken system, our neighborhood, especially our children, have never gotten the resources we deserve. I know the generations-long struggles that many of us face because I have lived them.

That’s why I am so thrilled today. Because of this initiative, East Harlem kids will have the opportunity to learn in a safe space with 2,000 books. That’s 2,000 opportunities for growth, adventure, and empowerment. 2,000 chances for our kids to thrive.

I know this will go a long way, having effects that outlast you and I – because when we invest in our children, we invest in our future.”