Gandolfo Calls for End to Anti-Police Legislation

Assemblyman Jarett Gandolfo (R,C,I-Sayville) hosted a press conference today calling on the governor to play a role in ending the onslaught of anti-police legislation making its way through the Legislature. In the last week of scheduled session, Assembly Majority have shoved legislation forward that would further restrict police from doing their important work of keeping us safe. Gandolfo is taking the lead in calling for an end to the anti-police attitude in state government.

“The laws I’ve seen proposed this week are nothing short of egregious and performative,” Gandolfo said. “The continued neutering of police is only proving to be dangerous for us all. I’m committed to continuing to fight this nonsensical string of legislation.”

Veterans of the police force have just as much concern when it comes to these new proposed laws. Detectives Endowment Association (DEA) President Paul DiGiacomo says that “There’s no denying that New York’s so-called ‘bail reform laws’ have failed as violent individuals are arrested and released in the blink of an eye — and criminals continue to grow more and more emboldened due to there being no consequences. Instead of making the very necessary fixes to that law, certain politicians, who care nothing about the victims of the hundreds of more shootings on our streets, want to pass further legislation that will only make our city more dangerous for the public and the police protecting them. What we need are laws grounded in reality that keep people safe and support the cops who risk it all every day.”

Gandolfo cites such proposed legislation as the Police Use of Force Standards and Clean Slate Law as examples where police could be dealt a hand that prevents them from carrying out the work they need to do. “Legislation like this doesn’t even serve to protect the public as it claims. It will only serve to hamper police service, leaving the surrounding community even more vulnerable,” Gandolfo said.