Dangerous Gaping Hole Fixed Thanks to Efforts of Dinowitz & DOT

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz announced that NYC Departments of Transportation resolved a serious safety issue in Kingsbridge. In response to a letter from the assemblyman, DOT fixed the fence on Naples Terrace Step Street.

The fence along the Naples Terrace Step Street was torn at the top of the steps, which left a sizable hole. The step street is approximately two stories high and is in a residential area. A small child could easily fall through it. It needed to be fixed immediately but there was a dispute between DOT and DOB over whether the fence was on property owned by the City or by a private landlord.

Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, “I was very concerned about this torn fence – it was torn at the top of Naples Terrace Step Street which is more than 2 stories high. I feared that a child or small person could fall through it. This step street is used by many people since it’s off Broadway near the busy intersection of Broadway and 231st Street. I was pleased that DOT took ownership and fixed the fence.”