Assemblyman Dinowitz Outraged by Homeland Security Chief’s Comments

In response to last week’s terror attacks in London, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff made it clear where the Federal government stands when it comes to protecting New Yorkers.

In an interview with the press, Chertoff stated “The truth of the matter is, a fully loaded airplane with jet fuel, a commercial airliner, has the capacity to kill 3,000 people. A bomb in a subway car may kill 30 people. When you start to think about your priorities, you're going to think about making sure you don't have a catastrophic thing first.”

Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, “I am personally outraged and offended by Chertoff’s remarks. The lost of even one American life at the hands of terrorists should not be tolerated. Chertoff’s comment was not only stupid but also dangerous in that it sends a message that our government will accept the lost of 30 lives. Chertoff’s comment only reinforces New York’s belief that Washington is not making the security of New York a priority.”