Dinowitz Urges Governor to Make Emergency Contraception Law

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz urged Governor Pataki to make emergency contraception legislation law.

In a letter to Governor Pataki, Assemblyman Dinowitz stated, “I am writing to urge you to sign into law A.116, which provides access to emergency contraception through pharmacists or nurses without a prescription. Unintended pregnancy can cause a significant psychological, physical, and financial burden on women. I believe it is essential that emergency contraception be available to women who need it and when they need it. This legislation, also known as the Unintended Pregnancy Prevention Act, will allow women to get emergency contraception directly from their local pharmacist without having to visit a doctor’s office first. It does not, however, allow emergency contraception to be purchased over the counter like ibuprofen or sinus medication.

“Current law requires a prescription from a doctor before a pharmacist can dispense emergency contraception – often impeding women from getting treatment in time to prevent pregnancy. Emergency contraception is time-sensitive – working best when taken as soon as possible after unprotected sex. In many instances, the need for this medication arises at night or on weekends, when most doctors’ offices and clinics are closed – leaving women vulnerable to unintended pregnancies. Please sign into law A. 116.”