Dinowitz Scores Perfect Voting Record in Assembly

Dinowitz voted on all of 1740 bills

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz did not miss one vote during the 2005 legislative session. In the New York State Assembly Member Floor Voting Record, Assemblyman Dinowitz was recorded voting on all of the approximately 1740 votes.

Assemblyman Dinowitz said, “I believe it’s important to be present to vote on the legislation before the Assembly. That’s what my constituents rightfully expected when they voted me in office. I thus strongly advocated for the reform measures that were finally passed in Albany this legislative session.

“One of those measures eliminated empty-seat voting. Every member should be accountable to their constituents by being on the floor when votes are taken. I thought it was nonsense that members could swipe in and be counted with a yes vote despite not being in or even near the State Capitol. I wish to see more reform, but I am nonetheless pleased that this important measure concerning how members’ votes are recorded was enacted this year. I am proud again to have a perfect voting record in Albany.”