Hundreds of Riders Respond to Dinowitz-Koppell Survey on Express Buses

Riders give the MTA a huge thumbs down

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D- Bronx) and Council Member Oliver Koppell (D – Bronx) will announce the results of a detailed survey of Express Bus riders conducted over the past month. Six hundred people in the northwest Bronx responded to 10 questions comparing the quality of service under Liberty Lines and the service since the MTA took over Liberty Lines Express Buses at the beginning of the year.

“Hundreds of express bus riders in the northwest Bronx rated the service since the MTA takeover. Riders overwhelmingly expressed dissatisfaction. Buses are late much more often or never show up at all. On the average, the buses aren’t as clean, the drivers aren’t as courteous and they are less reliable. In addition, senior half-fare hours have been reduced. The one bright note is that Council Member Koppell and I met with several officials of the MTA after they learned of the survey and came away convinced that they are determined to reverse this marked deterioration in service,” stated Assemblyman Dinowitz.

Council Member Koppell stated, “The overwhelming response to our Express Bus Survey indicates the level of dissatisfaction with the MTA. The deterioration of service noted by our constituents is unacceptable. We are calling on the MTA to immediately address the concerns expressed by the Express Bus riders, particularly with respect to scheduling, the restoration of the 1/2 fare hours for seniors, and the discourtesy of some drivers. Better management would solve many of these problems.”