Dinowitz, Local Residents and Manhattan College Meet to Resolve Problems on Cambridge Avenue

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz held a meeting at his office on Tuesday November 22, between representatives from Manhattan College and a group of local residents that reside on Cambridge Avenue. The two groups met to discuss the ongoing problems that have occurred since 80 college students moved into the new townhouses on Cambridge Avenue. Residents that live by Manhattan College’s new temporary dorms have made numerous complaints to Dinowitz’ office regarding the conduct of some of the students.

Some of the major problems at the Cambridge Avenue dorms include excessive partying and late night noise coming from the students as well as alcohol use. Residents took turns explaining their tales of woe of being kept up by the students. Other major complaints that residents brought up related to security, parking, and garbage.

Assemblyman Dinowitz suggested that the school place video cameras outside the dorms to help properly monitor late night actives. The school had informed those at the meeting that security camera were just recently installed and will being working in the upcoming week.

The Assemblyman also strongly suggested that the school look into making the dorms on Cambridge Avenue “substance-free” housing and give a preference to students without cars when deciding who will live there. Manhattan College expressed openness to these suggestions and showed a willingness to work with the community.

At the end of the meeting the two groups decided to meet again in Assemblyman Dinowitz’ office in December to continue monitoring the situation. Also in attendance was a representative from City Council Member Oliver Koppell’s office.

“Manhattan College is a good neighbor to our community, but there are too many problems that have occurred since the students moved in. These homes were built to house 15 families, not 80 college students. Many of them drink and are loud. Too many of them have cars and make parking difficult for the people in the neighborhood. It’s not surprising that deluging this street with 80 students has caused problems. The college needs to take the steps necessary to solve these problems,” said Assemblyman Dinowitz.