Assemblyman Dinowitz Requests Bus Stop Location be Moved

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz has requested that the Department of Transportation change the site of the northbound BX-7 bus stop that is located on Riverdale Avenue between Greystone Avenue and West 231st Street. The Assemblyman is asking that the bus stop be moved further north on Riverdale Avenue to the northeast corner of Greystone Avenue.

The stop was originally located at the southeast corner of Greystone Avenue, before the Department of Transportation moved the bus stop without notifying the community or the MTA.

The Assemblyman cited safety and practicality for why he would like the bus stop to be moved. “In its current location, the buses have to pull into the bus stop between parked cars which is hazardous to both motorists and pedestrians. At the new location which I have proposed, buses will only have to pull in behind parked vehicles,” he said.

Assemblyman Dinowitz also believes that the new bus stop location takes parking spaces away from the community. “The way in which the buses swing into and out of the bus stop takes away several parking spaces. At both its old location and at my proposed location the bus stop will not take up as many parking spaces on the block as the current location does,” he said. The Assemblyman added, “Parking in our community is already difficult and this just worsens the problem.”