In Response to Dinowitz Calls for Action, City Takes Steps to Improve Property on West 238th Street

Bronx- In response to a letter from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) to NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene Assistant Commissioner Mario Merlino, the city has taken action to clean up the vacant property located at 620 West 238th Street in Riverdale. The eyesore home, currently surrounded by fencing with a tree growing out of its roof, has been in disrepair for quite some time, with overgrown vegetation and a burgeoning rat infestation becoming problematic for area residents. The property has also been linked to an increase in raccoon sightings in the neighborhood. As a result of the letter from Assemblyman Dinowitz, the city put down rat poison on the property and trimmed the overgrown grass and bushes that were impeding on sidewalk pedestrians.

“I am glad the city acted so promptly to fix some of the problems with this property, but a lot more needs to be done by the property owner,” Dinowitz said. “Hopefully the measures taken will quell the growing rat problem, and cutting the overgrown brush will not only improve walking conditions for pedestrians, it will also make the area slightly more attractive. That being said, the property still looks terrible and everything inside the fencing is basically in complete disrepair. Hopefully city fines can prompt the owner into fixing up this once beautiful home so the neighborhood can stop worrying about it and enjoy it once again.”