Assemblyman Dinowitz Passes Bills to Strengthen Mitchell-Lama Program and Improve Affordable Housing Options

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) announced the Assembly passed several measures that would strengthen the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program and increase affordable housing opportunities for low-income families.

“It’s critical that we make sure working families have a chance to make a life for themselves and their families in our neighborhoods, instead of being turned away and forced out by extremely high rent rates,” Assemblyman Dinowitz said. “By strengthening Mitchell-Lama housing protections, we can provide some stability for low-income New Yorkers, making sure they are protected from skyrocketing costs and can afford to live here.”

The Assembly’s legislative package would:

  • ensure that essential services are provided in Mitchell-Lama housing by only allowing the approval of rent increase applications if those services are delivered and any hazardous conditions have been corrected (A.454);
  • protect tenants of Mitchell-Lama developments that leave the program and are covered by rent stabilization laws by prohibiting an owner from applying for a rent increase based on unique circumstances (A.1128);
  • expand eligibility for Mitchell-Lama housing by removing the condition that families have two or more dependents (A.5438);
  • ensure that residents of Mitchell-Lama housing developments are given advance notice of a limited-profit housing company’s plan to dissolve (A.6568); and
  • encourage housing companies to remain in the Mitchell-Lama Housing Program and protect tenants in developments that choose to leave (A.6570).

In addition, the Assembly passed a measure earlier this year that would raise the income limitations for individuals or families to be eligible for Mitchell-Lama housing (A.6569).

“Living in New York City shouldn’t be a luxury only the wealthy can afford,” Dinowitz said. “We must protect the working families and middle-class New Yorkers who have made our neighborhoods what they are today. These bills would make sure they aren’t forced out of their homes and can continue to build a life here.”