Letter on Montefiore and Westchester Square Medical Center

Statement from Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz: “Good morning. Thank you to the New York State Nurses Association for inviting me, my apologies for not being able to be with you in person. I have concerns about the proposed changes to both Montefiore and Westchester Square Medical Center. I am opposed to Montefiore’s plan to cut ‘all’ in-patient admissions at Westchester Square. This would hurt the Westchester Square community, and the Montefiore community. Nurses are working at Montefiore Hospital short staffed every day. The emergency department and the inpatient units are over-crowded already, and if this Certificate of Need is approved the residents of the Bronx will face unspeakable challenges trying to get quality health care that they deserve. Quality health care is a right. It should not be sacrificed for profits. Change is good when it benefits the community. So I’m asking the committee today to not approve this Certificate of Need. Do not sacrifice quality health care to the Bronx residents. Let Westchester Square Medical Center remain a full service hospital.” Sincerely,
Jeffrey Dinowitz
Member of Assembly